WC2018 Predictor

The WC18 Predictor is an algorithm based on data which combines a team’s world cup history along with its competitive form coming into the tournament. It takes eight fields of data into consideration, including win percentage and a teams average goal difference; from every game at the last five World Cups as well as how each country qualified for the 2018 tournament.

All of this helps us create an average rating out of 100 for each country, which we can apply to the fixture list to forecast every result and eventually a champion. Applying the same system in Brazil four years ago successfully predicted a Germany triumph, as well as predicting every team who progressed from their group and all the knockout stages bar one result.

We have then used this information to make bets on the teams who will progress from the group stages, and who will win all games from the last 16 all the way to the winners of the final. Money (hopefully) made from these bets will go to charity at the end of the World Cup.

Design and data created by CHARLIE SIMS and SAM T SMITH.
Site coded and developed by Barney Jeffries at BRIGHT WHITE SPACE.

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